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Standard Disclaimer
The recordings on this page are for my personal enjoyment. I do not make any money off of this hobby. These recordings are not meant to replace the artist's studio albums. I already have all the studio albums, and I collect these shows as an appreciation for live music. If a band would like their recordings removed from this list, please ask, and I will gladly take them down.

I also reserve the right to not list some DVD's that I am unable to list or trade due to filmer's wishes, author's wishes, or my own personal reasons.

Current trading status: Actively Trading


 Newest Video Recordings
 Gene Simmons: 2006 - Rock School Season >>> 2Dual Layer >>> Unknown Added on 2017.12.17
 Kiss: 1983.10.11 - Lisbon, Portugal >>> 1DVD >>> IAS Master Added on 2018.01.02 
 Kiss: 1984.03.12 - Quebec City, QC, Canada >>> 1DVD >>> Hellstorm73 Soundboard Audio Added on 2018.01.06
 Kiss: 1985.12.14 - Detroit, MI, USA >>> 1DVD >>> Unknown Added on 2018.01.06
 Kiss: 1987.12.18 - Philadelphia, PA, USA >>> 1DVD >>> Kixdude Added on 2018.01.04
 Kiss: 1988.01.12 - Saginaw, MI, USA >>> 1DVD >>> Damage Inc Added on 2018.01.06
Kiss: 1990.05.18 - Auburn Hills, MI, USA >>> 1DVD >>> Kissvision Added on 2018.01.12
Kiss: 2010.06.08 - Trondheim, Norway >>> 1DVD >>> Cryptickiss Added on 2018.01.14
Kiss: 1975 - 1976 Lost Live Footage Collection >>> 1DVD >>> KissVision Added on 2018.01.13
1993 - All Of 1993 Live On Video >>> 1DVD >>> Unknown Added on 2018.01.11
 Kiss: Ressurection >>> 1DVD >>> Unknown Added on 2018.01.16